Refresh Your Look – Naturally!

Brow lifts can be a wonderful yet subtle way to increase the restorative effects of eyelid surgery.   A brow lift (also known as a forehead lift) is a surgical procedure that helps to alleviate frown lines and wrinkles – factors that often contribute to a “tired” or “angry” look.

brow lift main image

The Procedure

In an endoscopic brow lift,  small incisions are made on the scalp and a small device called an endoscope is inserted into the incision site.  The endoscope allows Dr. Weiss the clear and detailed view he needs to manipulate the skin and muscles of the forehead and shape the forehead and brow as necessary.

Rather than the traditional method of using sutures (Figure 1; left side) to hold the brow in the desired location, Dr. Weiss employs the Endotine™ fixation device (Figure 1; right side).  This device features multiple points of fixation rather than a single point, reducing stress on the area.

Endotine device vs sutures in endoscopic brow lift

Figure 1

A suture fixation showing high stress on single area

Suture Single Point Fixation

Endotine fixation showing well distributed stress

Endotine™ MultipPoint Fixation

The Endotine™ fixation device also virtually eliminates hair loss and provides a flexible, readjustable solution to control brow height and shape.  After the surgery, the Endotine device is left in place and is eventually reabsorbed by the body.

Recovery Time

Although each patient is different, recovery time is usually very rapid (sometimes a matter of days) and because the surgery is performed under the thick skin of the forehead, there is often no visible bruising!

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