Feb 01

Winter Skin Care Tips!

Winter is coming to a close, but it’s never too late for some great winter skin tips, right? Even if you’re already pulling out the flip flops and the tankini, humor Mother Nature and give these tips a read (or just bookmark them for when Old Man Winter drops by again next year)!

1.  Cleanse twice daily (more is not better).

2.  Exfoliate 1-2 times weekly with a gentle exfoliator. Up to 3 times a week during the warmer months depending on skin type.

3.  The vitamins we take orally and get in our food are not enough to keep out exterior looking its best!  Applying topical vitamin serums help to stimulate collagen and elasticity and keep skin looking fresh.

4.  Hydrate! Drinking lots of water is great for our entire body including our skin, and using moisturizer helps to seal in that moisture and serums.

5. Protect! Use sunscreen daily. Make it a habit, just like brushing your teeth. The sun’s rays don’t seem as strong in the winter months so many of us feel it’s ok to go without protection during these months. Not true! Even though we are not as active outdoors in the winter, the rays of the sun are still very strong. Here’s a little experiment – glance at the left side of your body while driving. While you’re cruising down the street, those rays are beating down into your cars and right through the glass even if its tinted! Those UV rays cause sun damage, and most will notice more hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles on the left side of the face and hands.

Until next time, stay healthy and stay beautiful!