Jan 10

The Nutcracker Suite Contest

As you’ve probably read in the email (you ARE on our email list right? ), I sat down to record a version of “Waltz of the Flowers” last night, and completed the recording only to find that I already had a previous version of the same movement!  Well, rather than discard a take, I thought it would be interesting to share both pieces of music with you.  While they are similar, there are certain differences in the performance that I can hear.  I’m curious – which one do you like better?  There are also slight differences in the recordings – (and a couple wrong notes) but I’m interested in the difference in performances, rather than sound quality or notes.

This contest also gives me another opportunity to spotlight Weiss Music Minutes!  As you may recall, I have been trying to offer evidence that  the essence of many complete musical ideas (and songs) can be distilled down to  under 60 seconds. I’m hope you’ll agree that you will recognize this piece of music by Tchaikovsky as a complete musical concept – in just a minute!

Let me know which one you preferred, and if your opinion happens to land in the majority, you’ll get $50 office credit!

Waltz of the Flowers – Version 1a

Waltz of the Flowers – Version 1b