Jun 13

Is Cataract Surgery Safe During the Pandemic?


  • Review and analysis of this week’s OC coronavirus stats
  • What is a cataract and is it safe to get cataract surgery during the pandemic?
  • Interview with Gene Rhodes – President of Newport Center Medical Plaza
    • New policies to make our medical buildings safer!
  • Interview with Bryan Doonan, MD – head of Newport Center Urgent Care
    • Availability of coronavirus testing – does insurance cover it?
    • Breaking news: new rapid COVID-19 testing now available!
  • New Orleans music, including songs by Jelly Roll Morton and Tom Waits


16:28 – Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans
19:08 – Presentation and intro
23:14 – Cataracts in the pandemic
27:28 – Analysis of today’s coronavirus stats
37:06 – Dr. Doonan interview
50:14 – Gene Rhodes interview
1:04:41 – New Orleans piano music