Aug 06

The Night They Invented Champagne

Click on the mice to watch!

Tipsy mice inventing champagne

This is a feel-good song from the award-winning 1958 American musical Gigi; the music was composed by Frederick Loewe and the lyrics were written by Alan Jay Lerner. The prompts for the AI illustrations mentioned inebriated festive french mice, and if you listen closely for the second verse I’ve tried to play a little wobbly!

So although there may be continued uncertainty about our Covid future, tonight, by focusing on a bit of positive news, Let’s Celebrate!

Dr. Weiss

PS  Yes, Jackie, Tamara and I are finally back in the office seeing happy patients and doing eyelid surgery. Don’t worry – we’re all wearing N95 masks!

PSS  Here are some of the ‘runners-up’ original Dall-E artificial intelligence illustrations. Which one do you like the best?