Dec 04

How soon can I travel after eyelid surgery?

Flying after eyelid surgery is usually all right as long as it’s not immediately following the blepharoplasty procedure. We will help with understanding the best way to approach this topic and then provide a few answers to other common questions patients have following eyelid surgery.

Can I Travel After Eyelid Surgery?

The reality of the situation is that some patients travel to see their surgeon of choice. Local patients often have busy personal and work schedules that must be adhered to after surgery. In either case, there are important points to consider before getting on a plane.  In most cases, it’s probably all right to fly two weeks after eyelid surgery. By this time, the sutures have been removed and bruising or discoloration has lessened. The sutures are usually out within a week and most patients notice less discoloration within the first 10 days.

Since the eyelid might still be swollen a bit after 2 weeks, it’s wise to fly only if the flight is on the shorter side. A longer flight leaves the patient open to dry eyes. Whether the flight is short or long, bring along an artificial tear treatment.  Of course, it’s always better if the patient can wait as long as possible before getting on an airplane. If any complications arise within the first two weeks following eyelid surgery, then the plane ride needs to be postponed.

The patient should also stay away from physical activity after eyelid surgery. Hand gliding, parasailing, bungee jumping, diving, swimming, horseback riding and other similar activities must be placed on hold for at least two to four weeks following a blepharoplasty procedure.